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At Allison’s Dance Center, we pride ourselves on fostering a positive and nurturing environment. We empower students from ages 6 months to 19 years, and believe in teaching life lessons THROUGH the transformative power of dance. We offer a diverse range of artistic styles to ignite your creativity and unleash your true potential some of which include ballet, lyrical, contemporary, tap, jazz, modern, acro, hip hop, and more!

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The Leaders in Dance Education in the Cedar Valley!

Our classes build foundational skills for our dancers beyond the studio, touching on many life skills and instilling core values such as positivity, respect, and dedication. Children who come into our studio experience the joy of dance and expression while developing their social skills. If you're a parent who would like your child to develop healthy habits, confidence, and life skills, our dance classes will be perfect for you.

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We are not just a dance studio, we are an inclusive dance family, focused on creating an amazing atmosphere, where kids can develop into leaders.

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Check out our Dance Classes For Kids, Teens and Toddlers In Cedar Falls and Denver!

We help toddlers, kids, and teens master the art of dance, and feel encouraged and supported by caring teachers. Our children grow into confident teens and adults that excel in whatever they put their mind to.

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A combination class perfect for preschool aged students. Ballet, tap, acro, and creative movement all together in one class! The variety offered in our combination classes not only helps the dancer explore genres, it also helps to keep young dancers engaged.


Combination classes are offered at all ages to help dancers learn and develop across many genres. Jazz is a popular genre with upbeat, fun music! Tap allows dancers to challenge themselves musically as well!

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A street style dance class with a relaxed and fun atmosphere! Dancers work on their strength and cardio through energetic warm ups, while practicing musicality, accent work, tricks, and footwork. Combos are also a part of this upbeat class!

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Ballet is known to be the foundation of all artistic styles of dance. Study the classic art form through barre work, center floor, across the floor, and combinations.

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We love Allison’s Dance Center. My daughter is starting her 6th year with ADC and she absolutely loves it. She looks forward to her dance nights throughout the week. My daughter has grown a lot in her confidence, ability, and has made lots of friends.The staff at ADC are very friendly and have great communication. We would highly recommend ADC if you want to get your kids involved with dance.

Samantha Satterlee


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Our dancer has had to overcome many traumatic events in her life. She has always been very shy and has lots of anxiety issues. She gets so worked up, she's shaking, can hardly breathe, and can't find her words.

She recently had her first violin concert. She got up in front of a gym full of people and introduced the next song they were playing. I was in tears. I couldn't believe she was able to do that.

I believe she was able to do this because of Ms Allison and the entire staff at Allison's Dance Center.

They truly care about each child. They teach so much more than dance.

Our dancer just started her 2nd year with Allison's. She takes classes and is on the competition team this year.. She loves it.. I love seeing her blossom and grow.. She has gained self confidence. Self worth. Self importance. She talks about college and her future.

The staff have been amazing to me. This grandma has never been involved with dance but the communication is great. The other parents are so helpful.

Rebecca Morris


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My daughter has been enrolled at ADC since 2018 (just shy of 3 years old) and I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in those few years. Not only is she improving her dance technique but she is more confident, outgoing and positive in varying situations. I was nervous on what to expect putting her in dance at such a young age and being "new" to the dance world but the staff is very warm and welcoming. ADC provides a very professional atmosphere and the teachers are very supportive and inclusive. Hadley is excited every day (5 days a week at this point :-) to go to dance and you can visibly tell how much she loves being there. I really like the teacher student ratio + having the assistant teachers so that each dancer is supported throughout class. I am very appreciative of the continued dance opportunities throughout the pandemic (virtual options, adjusting for social distancing, drop offs, etc) and really love the opportunity to have an app to "drop in" and take a peek at how class is going after I've left her at the studio. To say I am excited for my toddler to join ADC is an understatement! :) Thank you for providing the Cedar Valley with a positive and professional atmosphere for our children!

Holly Engelkes


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Allison's Dance Center is a safe and inclusive dance space for all students. They work with a range of dance experience and always provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere. They encourage student creativity while also fostering confidence in their dancers. ADC is a wonderful studio, highly recommend!

Montana Smith


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Love the all inclusive pricing for starters! Allison and her staff are always organized and communicate so well. Not to mention our little one loves being in class at the Denver Studio and is learning so much about dance and being a good person!

Nina Smith


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My kids love their dance classes here. Great communication with the staff and the recitals are such an amazing experience. I will never send my kids anywhere else! Such amazing offerings and a staff that is second to none. Best classes available in the Cedar Valley no doubt.

Hanna Nuss


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I started at ADC when they first opened and have never left. There is always excellent communication about what is needed from parents and the all inclusive pricing makes it even easier. The staff is amazing and super helpful with any question you may have. This studio is about so much more than just your typical dance class and gives each student, whether they have been there for one season or ten seasons, a welcoming feeling and the feeling of family.

Overall, I would 100% recommend Allison's Dance Center for dance classes in the Cedar Valley.



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We absolutely love ADC! The teaching is developmentally appropriate, the environment is extremely positive, and the staff is incredible! Ms. Allison and her staff not only teach their students how to be good dancers, they also teach them how to be positive, kind people. I highly recommend ADC to anyone looking for an opportunity for their child to build their confidence, improve social and emotional skills, and just have fun!!!



Dancing Classes for Children and Adults

We believe that every child should thrive in a loving environment and every adult should get the opportunity to get out on the dance floor. Dancing is the greatest tool for children and adults to develop the skills and confidence to be their best self.


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