Competition Team

Dance Competition Team

Award-winning Team

Our award-winning competition team is full of dancers who want to commit more time and effort to the art of dance. This is an intensive program that allows our students to improve their technique, take on a challenge, and have fun doing it! These students start working on dances in August and compete at multiple competitions in the Spring, while also participating in other performance opportunities and helping in our community. These dancers take time each season to incorporate service projects into their rehearsal time and commit to helping others. Our youngest competitive dancers are on our Petite Team and are only in 1st and 2nd grade! We then have our Mini Team, which is our 3rd and 4th graders, followed by our Junior Team, which is 5th and 6th grade. Next up, we have our Teen Team, full of 7th and 8th graders, and finally our high schoolers on our Senior Team.

Our Core Values


Each season we take time to include team bonding and encourage teamwork within each team. Working well with others is necessary in life and we strive to teach that at a young age. Our students work with their peers to solve problems and create relationships where they are able to effectively communicate with each other.

Work ethic

Developing a strong work ethic is an important life skill and our team dancers are able to work on this through dancing. They are given challenges each season and have to work hard in order to achieve their end goal.

Giving Back

Our competition teams are involved in many service projects each season to benefit the community and give back in any way that they can. This teaches the importance of taking your time to help others and benefit those in need.


It is important that we are able to increase the confidence of every student in our program. By working hard to improve, receiving encouragement from their peers, and getting feedback each week from teachers, our intensive dancers improve their confidence throughout each season.


Our team students are also taught the important skill of accountability. It is expected that each intensive dancer walks in the door in the proper dress code, has the proper shoes, and with the proper dance hair. They are also held accountable for their attendance, attitude, and commitment level at each rehearsal. When working in a team, it is important for everyone to feel prepared and give each rehearsal their best effort.

Dance Competition Team
Dance Competition Team
Dance Competition Team

What sets us apart?

Our competition team program is different from any program in the area. We believe there is more to dance than just winning the biggest trophy, we are building each student up to be confident in who they are and build up necessary life skills. Our team dancers are confident, use Growth Mindset, know their strengths and areas of focus, focused on building others up, service-minded, disciplined, reliable, and resilient. These things not only help them be great dancers, but these skills and their bonds with one another will help them throughout their entire lives.


Dance Competition Team awards
Teacher of The Month

I Love Dance – July 2020

Dance Competition Team awards
Excellence Award

I Love Dance – March 2019

Dance Competition Team awards
Molly Visokey – Overall Highest Score

I Love Dance – 2018

Dance Competition Team

When do they perform?

Annual Charity Benefit

Our competition teams debut all of their team dances at our Annual Charity Benefit each season. This is a great opportunity for the community to come together, enjoy some dancing, and support Make A Wish Iowa.

Annual Recital

In early May each year, our competition dancers perform in our Annual Recital at Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center. This is our year-end performance for all of our students and allows our team dancers to show off their hard work to all of our families and guests.


Each Spring our students perform in multiple competitions throughout the Midwest. They compete against dancers from many different states and receive feedback from top judges in the dance industry.

Community Performances

Nursing homes, Relay for Life, community and/or local business celebrations